Rural Life Mission’s Response to COVID-19

By now the whole world knows the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus. It has caused many deaths among people of all ages and disrupted daily living worldwide. Governments have sought to control the suffering by introducing policies to limit contact among individuals and in doing so slow the spread of the Corona Virus.

We are commanded by God to recognize that the government has the power to pass laws and regulations to maintain the common good of its citizens, (Romans 13:1-8). We acknowledge that our government has done its’ best, with the interests of the population in mind, despite the sentiment of some that feel isolation is an intrusion into their lives.

In response and in cooperation with our government’s policies, Rural Life Mission has made, what the leadership considers, a prudent decision to cancel the camping season at Round Lake Bible Camp.

Our churches have also followed the regulations for worship establishments by not holding indoor services until recently when a regulation was passed allowing a 30% capacity limit for individual congregations.

We do not know what the future holds. Therefore, Rural Life Mission’s leadership has made the decision to cancel the already postponed Conference at the CEF Apps Ridge Camp and Training Centre, the public meeting at Bethel-Park Chapel in Brantford and the Fall Banquet at Emmanuel Bible Church in Simcoe ON. COVID-19 regulations may change. For this reason, we will keep our options open.

Thank you so very much for your ongoing prayer and financial support throughout these difficult times. Please continue to pray with us that our government leaders make wise decisions; that our frontline healthcare workers are kept safe; for those struggling to recover from the virus and for those grieving the loss of loved ones with whom they could not share those final moments.

We will keep you posted through newsletters, church announcements and phone calls. May the Lord continue to be your comfort, hope and stay today and throughout the coming weeks and months as we strive together for the gospel of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

RLM 2019 Spring Conference

Spring Conference is coming soon! Our workers, board and staff will be spending Wed. May 1st to Fri. May 3rd at the CEF Apps Ridge Camp and Training Centre near Brantford. Our special speaker for the workers and board will be Andrew Bunner, who pastors both Villa Nova Baptist Church and The Assembly of Friends Church (started by Adolph Hahn) in Hagersville.

Come Join Us!

Thursday May 2, 2019 – 7pm
Bethel-Park Bible Chapel
252 N Park St., Brantford, ON

We invite you to come and hear the stories of how God is using the ministries of RLM in the various areas of the north.